Cosy Living room brainstorming

Hello my dear flatmates!

As you might know already the collaborative and bottom-up creation, art or architecture, is one of my (many) main interests. In this way I opened this website as a part of my final year project with the intention to provide a space to communicate, for people with this same interest. But now I’m out of school and I think it’s just time to give to it some real life, out of my brain and out of theoretical projects.

Therefore I was thinking a lot about how to make a collaborative design to make a bit cosier for our living room, since we all agree that it needs some more human touch. But what I don’t want is to create a design and afterwards add you, as normally this things work, but to explore a more extreme way, where everybody adds something to every phase of the creation.

So there we go. Have fun, explore, but don’t think too much. Round 01: choose an element and a concept that you think we need to add to our living room and then write it into the answers of this blog.

To expand a bit our imagination, I chose some examples of designs that inspire me collaboration and visibility of many people involved by adding diferent elements.


artist: Alexandra kehayoglou   (

element: Carpet

concept: Atmospheric


04_br600_600artist: Francisca Pageo   (

element: Ornament

concept: Collage


20150628 SoundPanels -all B and C-.3dmarchitect: Me!

element: Coffee table

concept: Interactivity throug sound



architects: The very many (

element: Lamp and Coffee table

concept: Future



Café in Prenzlauerberg

element: Lamp

concept: cloud of objects


2warchitect: Andrés Jaque  (

element: Ornament

concept: cloud of objects


So, what do you say? Do you want to play?

Have fun, explore, create.

See you soon!

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